FEARA film by Philip Huff


Indy Kisoen


Philip Huff


A group of people who happen to be in an electronics store at a shopping centre at the same time experience an attack. The group consists of an older, neat couple who drive a Volvo; a couple in their late thirties expecting their first child; a younger couple, in love, who just got to know each other and still kiss as passionately as they argue; and the two people who work in the store, the “native” owner and the “immigrant” employee. Then, a gunshot sets everything in motion: for every person present, the attack exposes something under their skin and makes them confront their fears, whether it be the fear of dying, the worry of losing a loved one, or the feeling of having led the wrong kind of life. Meanwhile, the attack is developing very violently: bullets fly around, there are - loud - explosions, people are injured, enter the store and die; and the perpetrator passes by while shooting - but fortunately also runs past the store.

How do the shoppers cope with each other under these circumstances? Does this hour bring out the best or the worst in them? Some of them flee, another locks himself in, someone has a panic attack and so people are killed. 

Then, for a moment, it looks like the attack is over. Should the survivors stay where they are or escape quickly? And that's when the shooter returns to the store and enters. A final, bloody showdown between the survivors and the attacker ensues.

image: Claire Witteveen