©ANP / Robin Utrecht

INVISIBLEFilth is the indicator of our existence. A Teledoc by Gabriëlle Provaas


Gabriëlle Provaas


Indy Kisoen




Yaël van der Schelde



Day after day we create an endless mountain of waste in the Netherlands. Cans, leftover food, household waste, plastic packaging, (evermore) delivery boxes, sewage, office rubbish, full rubbish bins on airplanes and trains. Garbage is being collected, swept away, cleaned, disposed of and destroyed with great efficiency and at an accelerating pace by an army of cleaners. When they have passed, our world looks as we are used to experiencing it: clean and orderly. 

By looking at ourselves from the viewpoint of our waste and its cleaners, who seem to have to operate almost invisibly in daily life, this film shines a light on a surprising reality of the Netherlands that we are only too happy to look away from.

-in production-

image: ©ANP / Robin Utrecht