MISTER PASTORDocumentary by Gabriëlle Provaas


EODocs with the support of Limburg Film Office and Netherlands Film Fund



The people of Schimmert know no better than that Mister Pastor is always there for them, but now that his successors have arrived, they need to let go.

John van Oss (1937) is the old Pastor of Schimmert for decades now and head of the parishes of Schimmert and Genhout, small church villages in the South of Limburg (NL). He is becoming forgetful and can't handle things on his own any longer. Two young Indonesian fathers, Stefan Musanai (1983) and Charles Leta (1986), arrive at the presbytery to help him. They are cheerful, eager to learn and take up residence in the small monastery on the edge of the village, where six old fathers still live. They both need to learn the Dutch language to recite the difficult texts in church. Mistor Pastor finds it hard to hand over tasks. After all he is the one knowing everybody in the village, where some people only speak the Limburgian dialect. The two newcomers are eager to help him, but expierence resistance. To make matters worse, ‘an illness’ breaks out, causing church life to come to a standstill and the pastor’s farewell being postponed. When can Mister Pastor let go with peace of mind?

director Gabrielle Provaas cinematography Pim Hawinkels sound Sander den Broeder editor Christine Houbiers sound design Rob Dul music Haik Seth Paul color correction Gerhard van der Beek title design Jesse de Boer post production facilities FeverFilm Picture post production manager Bart van den Broek post production coördinator Jessica Akkermans, Majorie Brouns online editor Nino Oosterwijk producer Tomtit Film, Indy Kisoen production company Tomtit Film, Monique Busman producer EO Miriam Neuteboom production assistent EO Denise Martha editorial EO Judith Vreriks chief editorial EO Margit Balogh