ROOSEN & BORSTTelevision series with Adelheid Roosen and Hugo Borst






In the new series Thuis op Zuid, Adelheid Roosen en Hugo Borst immerse themselves in the familiar world of dementia. And once again they confront the Dutch healthcare system in an effort to get it moving and working for those who need it. 

This series is about saying goodbye. The farewell you have to face as soon as dementia rears its head. Saying goodbye to someone who, until now, has been fully present before you. Saying goodbye to life itself. 

Have you lived a good life? What do you mean to those around you? What will you do with the time you still have (together)?

How can you soften the devastating reality of not being able to recognise someone, even after a long life shared together? Is it possible to be at peace with the fact that your mother, father, or any loved one is ‘disappearing’? How could the healthcare system contribute to this – and how complicated or simple is that?

- in production -

image: Friso Keuris