THE CAMPShort film by Philip Huff



The Camp is based on a short story in the collection Er moet iets gebeuren by Maartje Wortel.

Robin wants to be a woodchopper. That's why she goes to a woodchopper's camp. Robin is admitted because of a unisex name. At the camp, tensions between Robin, the only woman, and the men heat up - until they reach a boiling point.

director and screenplay Philip Huff camera Coen Stroeve, NSC 1st AD Ruud Ahsmann editor Fatih Tura, Marre Bonke costume design Thijs van der Heijden make-up Demi van Rooijen production design Daan Goudswaard sound design Max van den Oever sound recording Kristian Knoop  gaffer Aaron Tschanz composer Lieuwe Roonder production coördinator Luc Hueber assistent producer Indy Kisoen Tomtit Film Monique Busman

cast Ilke Paddenburg, Jeroen Krabbé, Minne Koole, Bert Hana, Michiel Nooter, Ian Bok, Thomas Heerma van Voss, Tariq Kasem, Tim Linde

image: Claire Witteveen