FENIXA documentary by Mark Bakker


commissioned by Droom en Daad foundation


spring 2025


Commissioned by Droom en Daad Foundation, we are making a documentary about FENIX. FENIX is located in the Fenixloods II, on Katendrecht in Rotterdam. Millions of people have set off from the quays around this historic building for a new unknown world. This Rotterdam story is the starting point for FENIX. FENIX celebrates the movement of peoples. On the first floor of the warehouse lies The FENIX Museum; using art and historical objects to tell a timeless story about hope, love, farewell and a new beginning.

The ground floor will provide a space for culinary, creative and cultural activities. Fenixloods II will be extensively restored in the near future. On the roof there will be a viewing platform over the Maas and Rotterdam designed by MAD Architects. After the restoration, FENIX will open its doors. FENIX is an initiative of Droom en Daad foundation

- in production -

image: artist impression MAD Architects