THE PHOENIXA film by Mark Bakker where we slowly see the FENIX rise


Mark Bakker


Mylène Esmeijer


commissioned by Droom en Daad foundation


Francien Knorringa


Mark Bakker


Peter van Houten


winter 2023

The Fenix, a documentary by Mark Bakker commissioned by Droom en Daad Foundation

Commissioned by Droom en Daad Foundation, we are making a documentary about FENIX. FENIX is located in the Fenixloods II, on Katendrecht in Rotterdam. Millions of people have set off from the quays around this historic building for a new unknown world. This Rotterdam story is the starting point for FENIX. FENIX celebrates the movement of peoples. On the first floor of the warehouse lies The FENIX Museum; using art and historical objects to tell a timeless story about hope, love, farewell and a new beginning.

The ground floor will provide a space for culinary, creative and cultural activities. Fenixloods II will be extensively restored in the near future. On the roof there will be a viewing platform over the Maas and Rotterdam designed by MAD Architects. After the restoration, FENIX will open its doors. FENIX is an initiative of Droom en Daad foundation.

-in production-

Image: artist impression MAD Architects