DR. NASR'S WUNDERKAMMER Documentary series in Ramsey Nasr's universe





In a world where (it seems) we can access all knowledge digitally, this series allows us to get lost in the universe of Ramsey Nasr, in his wonderful cabinet of curiosities. No place in his house is empty: wherever you look there is lichens, fossils, stuffed animals, encyclopedias, hand axes, prints, photography, music and books. What’s the source of his fascination? Is there any limit in what he collects? Is a collection ever 'finished'? 

His self-created world holds a mirror to the viewer: how do we relate to the past?

a television show of Ramsey Nasr director Nadine Kuipers research Eva Krol, Nadine Kuipers, Corlijn de Groot camera Marc de Meijer, Pierre Rezus sound Alex Tugushin editor Milika de Jong sound design Rob Dul leader music Aswin Dannarag color correction Bart Voorsluis design TIEPES  editorial NTR Patricia Greven line producer Mylène Esmeijer Tomtit Film Monique Busman

This program is made possible in part by Museumvereniging